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Select attorney Carrie Sims for speeding tickets and other criminal law matters

A traffic ticket can lead to serious consequences. You could face:

  • An addition of points to your license
  • Significant fines
  • Insurance rate increases

You don't have to handle a traffic ticket on your own. Turn to Carrie Sims Law Firm, LLC for the help you need with speeding tickets in Clayton and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Attorney Sims will examine your case and determine if an amendment is possible. She'll work hard to minimize the consequences of your traffic violation.

Don't risk receiving a harsher punishment than you deserve. Reach out to attorney Sims now to find out how she can help you.

Attorney Sims handles criminal law cases

You can depend on attorney Sims to help you with misdemeanor and class C felony charges. Attorney Sims has developed relationships within the local legal community, so if she can't help you, she'll match you with a criminal lawyer in Clayton and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area who can. Call 314-243-6305 right away for a strong criminal defense.