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Car Accident Lawyer in Clayton & St. Louis, MO

Be Confident You're Covered in the Event of an Auto Accident

You can probably handle small fender benders and other minor car accidents on your own. But when a car accident involves physical injuries, fatalities or significant damage, it's time to bring in a dependable car accident lawyer. Car wrecks are expensive. A serious injury such as damage to your spinal cord could result in a lifetime of expenses. Even a relatively small injury such as a broken arm may require thousands of dollars of medical care and months off from work. All this is in addition to the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Reach out to car accident attorney Carrie Sims of Carrie Sims Law Firm, LLC right now.Attorney Sims will be by your side throughout your entire car accident case. She'll explore your insurance coverage and do her best to maximize your compensation. Contact attorney Sims before you call your insurance company to make sure your auto accident case in Clayton and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area is handled correctly.

Prepare for your consultation with a car accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO

To handle your case properly, bring as much detailed information about your car accident to your meeting with attorney Sims. You may want to bring:

  • Your insurance policy
  • Any information that was exchanged at the accident scene
  • Any documentation you received from medical providers

Attorney Sims will examine your case closely and work hard to get you the compensation you need. Hire her now to discuss your car accident case.

You may deserve compensation for:

  • Medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Other losses